Dune to get theatrical release this fall, or will it?

After much back and forth between Legendary and Warner Brothers, reports are surfacing that WB has relented and will do an exclusive theatrical release run this October, forgoing the original plan that was to a simultaneous theater release plus HBOMax streaming run. Denis Villeneuve, the film’s director and primary creative force behind this latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Sci-Fi literary classic, has been very vocal about his opposition to having Dune released via streaming without having a proper theatrical run first.

Collider reports that we’ll get a chance to finally see Dune October 1st in theaters. I myself am hopeful that we can finally return to theaters, and honestly there are a small list of upcoming projects that have me excited to return. Film has always been at it’s best as a shared experience with friends and like minded strangers alike. Knowing that Dune is only part 1 of 2 of Denis’ adaptation, there is a lot riding on the film doing well at the box office.

Of course, we all know this plan could change, so more to come. But I am hopeful we’ll get this (and many more projects) as the beginning to a return to theaters opening back up in mass and moviegoers returning to proper cinematic experiences.

More to come…hopefully the spice will flow proper this October…

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