Conventions return with various forms of in-person attendance

Fans at GenCon 2019

Last year saw the complete shutdown of the convention schedule, as pretty much every event that was on the calendar for 2020 was at best moved to an online setup and a worst, outright cancelled, in the hopes that 2021 would allow for a return to in-person events. Almost 6 months into the year, we are just beginning to see those events return to some semblance or normal.

I entertained the idea of attending GenCon this year, but there are still too many question marks surrounding the event itself. And given how expensive that event can be, I’d rather wait another year and see about 2022.

BGGCon just announced they are going ahead with their regular event in November. Details are still be worked out, but it looks like that even will also be available to con-goers as an option. Along with GenCon, Origins, SDCC and various other local events.

So what are your plans this year for Conventions?

As always, leave a comment with your thoughts. Until next time, LLAP!

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