Game Stores need your support more than ever

My FLGS, Game Goblins

As we continue to return to a new normal, brick and mortar retailers are looking to keep momentum in terms of sales and revenue as we move into summer. Reports show that consumers are returning in mass to their old shopping habits as the economy moves out of the COVID recession and back to profitability. Game stores are no exception. And the other piece with that is in-store events, which is always a significant component to any retail gaming operation.

When I was heavy into Heroclix, almost all of my in-store gaming was spent playing clix events and tournaments. Now that I am out of that game, I don’t really have a something that would draw me to in-store events (I am not a fan of RPGs in stores, too noisy and distracting for my tastes). Although I am always open to meeting in my FLGS play area to try out a board game or something else.

I am fortunate that I have a space in my home to be able to host people for gaming, but a lot of folks don’t have that luxury. There is where your local game store plays a vital role in helping hobbyist with the ability to connect other like minded folks.

Game stores are more than just a retail location, they help foster and support the community you’re a part of. Which is everything.

For some, cost will always be the first, last and only factor on which they base their purchases from. And I get it. As a business, it’s their job to remain profitable. As a consumer, it’s my job to get the best deal I can when spending my hard earned money. However, cash in cash out isn’t the only thing to consider when looking where to buy your games.

Consider this; The less buying options we have, the less ability we have to find the best deal possible. If we aren’t supporting our small businesses, the likelihood that we have fewer options becomes a real and valid threat. Not to mention the fact that good game establishments bring more to the table (get it) than just products.

If you’re like me, your game purchases came to a complete halt last year. With no ability to gather around the table with friends, I didn’t see a reason to spend money on games that would just sit a period of time. But as we come back to the table, don’t forget to pay a visit to your FLGS. I will continue to support my local venue.

After all, who wants to live in a world where your only option is ordering your games online?

Not me.

As always, leave a comment with your thoughts. Until next time, LLAP!

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