Mindclash Games releases first look at Voidfall

Mindclash Games today released 2 pieces of artwork for their new title, Voidfall, set to hit Kickstarter later this year. The games is described as “half heavy Euro, half-space 4x hybrid” as it looks to combine several mechanics seamlessly. Below is the blurb from Mindclash about the two pieces:

We are excited to reveal the artwork for the first two Noble Houses of Voidfall, humanity’s last bastions against the all-engulfing Voidborn. House Belitan relies on their expert tacticians and their simulations, while House Cortozaar is a brute force in offense and defense. Discover them and many more in Voidfall’s Kickstarter campaign, coming this Fall!

This looks right in my wheelhouse. I look forward to learning more about Voidfall as it’s released.

As always, leave a comment with your thoughts. Until next time, LLAP!

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