I’ll throw my hat in the ring

Since the announcement earlier this week that Jodie Whittaker's upcoming 3rd season as Doctor Who will be her last, the internet has been full of folks tossing out who they think would make the perfect replacement casting. When it was announced that Peter Capaldi was leaving the show, I contended that fellow Broadchurch alum Olivia... Continue Reading →

Free League’s Alien RPG

Fans of the Alien film series have had little in the way of official RPG material over the years. If you wanted to run players through a campaign set in the world of dubious mega corporations, the vast, emptiness of space and Xenomorphs, gamers had little to no options available for them. Well, we're in... Continue Reading →

Everything is Invalid

So in what appears to be the never ending saga of TSR, or TSR3 or Wonderfield Inc or whatever they're calling themselves these days, the company formerly known as TSR has blessed us with a "press release" per their Discord server. In it, apparently everything that has transpired up to this point on any/all social... Continue Reading →

Review: Katla (streaming on Netflix)

Guðrún Ýr Eyfjörð plays Grima in Netflix' Katla Set against the backdrop of a subglacial volcano (Katla) in Iceland that has been spewing ash steadily for over a year, Katla is at its heart a show that explores personal loss, tragedy, grief and how differently the shows main characters deal with them. The show slowly... Continue Reading →

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