‘Star Trek 4’ moving forward with WandaVision’s Matt Shakman at the helm

News hitting the airwaves that the long rumored Star Trek 4 project with the Chris Pine led cast from the Kelvin Timeline movies is back in the works at Paramount, with Matt Shakman set to direct. Matt is fresh off his work on Marvel’s WandaVision series and looks to add to the current run of Trek films that started with the 2009 film that was directed by J.J. Abrams.

With this announcement, we got the news that Noah Hawley’s Star Trek Project has has been shelved for the time being. Presumably so that Paramount can focus on this new Star Trek 4 project. This says nothing of the long talked about Quinten Tarantino Star Trek project and where that is in production, if at all?

Personally I always felt like the cast for this current run of Trek films was never the issue with them, and with the last installment we really saw several of the cast members come into their own with their perspective roles, especially Chris Pine. My issues with these films notwithstanding, I am excited to see what a new creative team can do with the current film cast.

Hopefully we can get a return to a more classic Roddenberry feel, and less action galore in space. As with every new Trek project, I am eternally hopeful.

Star Trek 4 is currently set for 2023 release date. More to come I’m sure.

As always, leave a comment with your thoughts. Until next time, LLAP!

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  1. I absolutely loved the first remake. I hope with 4, they go back to the spirit of the first. Ama lose my mind if I see another freaking dirt bike in these films. Oh, and can we keep the Enterprise longer than 30 seconds this time around 🙂

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