Feywood terrain from Iain Lovecraft

So my updates here, beyond the occasional trailer release, have been lacking lately. Beyond the fact of normal life being what it is, I've been busy with printing and painting the terrain from the Feywood campaign from Iain Lovecraft. I'm still in the midst of also working on the Firwood terrain as it's being released,... Continue Reading →

New Eternals Trailer

We have a second look at ChloĆ© Zhao's Eternals with a new trailer. With the release date quickly approaching, there is still uncertainty as to if it will have a theatrical only run before hitting streaming. This new trailer gives us an expanded look at the team and answers the question of why didn't they... Continue Reading →

Bunkers & Badasses a real RPG

Fans of Borderlands 3 from Gearbox are probably familiar with Bunkers & Badasses, as it is the "game within a game" that is played by one of the games characters Tiny Tina. Well today Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford posted on Twitter that the final product is nearly upon us. Games within games getting real world... Continue Reading →

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