The Orville Season 3 has wrapped production

According to Seth MacFarlane, the long awaited 3rd season of The Orville looks to have finally wrapped filming and now heads into post-production. Meaning fans will finally be getting to return to the series that is a love letter to the show that Seth himself his a self-described “mega fan” of, Star Trek.

While I oftentimes find Seth’s brand of humor generally not my cup of tea, with Season one stuffed too full of it. Season two did trade his trademark humor for more serious and dramatic filled tones with the various storylines. I found this to be an overall more complementary balance and hope it continues with season three.

You’ll be able to watch season three of The Orville on hulu, as the show was dropped from Fox after season two and subsequently picked up by hulu. No word on the show’s future after season three.

As always, leave a comment with your thoughts. Until next time, LLAP!

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