It’s #BGGCON week

It’s finally here.

The year I get to attend what is arguably the best Tabletop convention in North America, BGGCon. I still have other events to check off my list (looking at you Origins and GaryCon), but after this week, i’ll finally be able to say I’ve attended BGGCon, in all it’s glory.

BGGCon has always been a tough one for me, as it always is held the week before Thanksgiving. Since our family always goes back home to Dallas for the holiday week, the prospect of taking off 2 weeks to go to the Con and then attend Thanksgiving was a virtual impossibility. Well thanks to COVID providing me with an overabundance of PTO and a super supportive wife, I am finally making the trek.

So if I don’t get to wrapped in up in continuous gameplay, I’ll be looking to do some “from the Con” reports.

Happy Gaming!

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