How good is creality’s new sub $200 ender 2 pro Printer? (Hint, pretty damn good)

3D printing is really neat.

As a gamer, I have a deep love for miniatures, parts, pieces and all manner of items that make up the gaming experience. Any time I pick up a new game, one of the first things I think about is how I can upgrade it. Whether it’s creating better box storage, components, or miniatures for the game. Being a 3D printer enthusiast has afforded me a nice ability to create those things without the need to buy them outright.

I’ve been printing on a Creality CR-6 SE for over a year now. As a first printer, it had performed very well and allowed me to learn valuable lessons as I go. I had been toying with the idea of going resin for my second device. That was until I got word from my friend Tom at Fat Dragon Games had just setup his new Creality Ender 2 Pro printer.

And boy was this new sub $200 printer cranking out beautiful miniatures.

I hadn’t really kept up with the latest and greatest with 3D printers, so I of course had no idea that Creality was coming out with another line of printers, much less one at such an affordable price point.

If you’ve done any 3D printing, you know that FDM printers while great, have always been behind resin printers in terms of miniature printing. Sure they’re great for terrain and other projects. But if you want super detailed mini prints, resin has always been the better of the two options.

Well after a week of cranking out prints from my new Ender 2 Pro, I think the playing field between resin and FDM might finally be getting level. I’ve printed close to 2 dozed Fat Dragon minis, and outside of a little bit of stringing and cleanup, these things are flawless. I’ve moved on to printing the line of Arbiter Miniatures from their latest Kickstarter campaign Legion of the Undead. So far they are coming out just as good as the FDG’s minis.

Supportless miniature printing is also a big point for me. I know you can do supported printing with figures, but it still doesn’t make me hate it any less. The time having to remove supports and then cleanup after is always such a pain. Every figure I’ve printed to this point has been just about as close to perfect as you would expect.

If you’re thinking of picking up the Ender 2 Pro, I highly recommend doing two things. First, while I normally support the smaller retailers and manufacturers outright, I would advice getting you’re off Amazon. It’s a fantastic price, and you’re covered by Amazon in the event there is an issue with the printer. Second, after you get the printer, watch and follow Tom’s video about making the modifications to it before you begin printing:

The mods Tom has in his video aren’t nearly to the level of other Ender printers, but I would say that are necessary for ensuring you get fantastic print results.

So yeah, for the price and what results I’ve seen, the Ender 2 Pro is a great addition to the 3D printer market and well worth your consideration. Is this printer one you’ve been waiting for? I can’t answer that. But for myself, it’s been a wonderful device that I’m more than happy I took the plunge on.

As always, leave a comment with your thoughts. Until next time, LLAP!

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