A #TTRPG Bundle in support of Texas Trans youth

Last week, Governor Greg Abbott put into effect a horrific act that allows for parents of Trans children to be charged with child abuse and called for Teachers, Social Workers and others to start “identifying” trans youth.

This week we have a spotlight worthy response in the form of a TTRPG bundle that includes over 300 creators. Below is the snipit from the bundle’s creator:

In response to Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Attorney General Office’s transphobic declarations, we have brought together all of these games in support of trans rights. 

Trans children are extremely vulnerable, and the actions of the Texas government will put them and any supportive loved ones in danger. Providing funds to trans advocacy groups and support networks helps keep trans folx afloat in Texas.

Proceeds from this bundle will be split between two organizations: Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) and Organización Latina de Trans en Texas (OLTT). TENT supports gender diverse equality in Texas through educational efforts on an individual, community, corporate, and legislative level. They also provide emergency relief fund grants to trans people in need.

Go here to get a great deal and help support Texas trans youth and families.

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