Weekend Hobby time with #Tabletop games (and other things)

The weekend was fruitful for we had some good time at the table, trying out a new title and another that our guest got a first play. Friday night, we tried our hand at Praga. This was a game I first played at BGGCon last year, and I instantly became enamored with it. To the point where I worked to find a copy to add to the library. The game went well overall, but my wife ultimately wasn’t a fan. And our friends who also tried it have varying levels of like for it. Although they did say they wanted another crack at it.

Saturday was spent running a few errands, one of which was stopping by the FLGS to pickup the Army Painter Speed paints starter set. I did not get a change to try them out yet, but I am planning on getting paint to models this week to see if the hype is real with this new line of paints.

Saturday night concluded with a return engagement to the table, with Ankh making an appearance. This would be my second playing, with more than 2 players for the first time. It is quickly becoming a favorite as I’m a sucker for Egyptian themed anything. And the gameplay is fun and easy to pick up. The only thing we agreed upon that is up for review is the merge god mechanic. We aren’t really a fan and feel like we can just play without it and it won’t break anything.

Anyone else who’ve played Ankh, thoughts on the merge god mechanic?

But overall, was a great weekend for hobby pursuits. Have a great week everyone!

As always, leave a comment with your thoughts. Until next time, LLAP!

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