A dream room for my 11 year-old self

Most GenX’ers can remember back to their childhood bedrooms. How they were a sanctuary for a lot of us. Filled with all the things from our love of nerd culture, our bedrooms of our youth still hold a magical place in our hearts and heads. I can still remember quite a few things from back in the day that brought me hours and hours of joy. Whether it was my Commodore 64, my comic books, my RPG books, or all the Sci-Fi/Fantasy books that I consumed as a kid, our bedrooms were a wonderful place.

Long before Conventions became a big time thing for geeks and nerds to come together to celebrate our fandom, our bedrooms were a small sample size of the kind of things you would find at Cons. So feast your eyes on this wonderful set of photos of a throwback bedroom from the 70s/80s.

PS…my mom still has the C3PO/R2D2 alarm clock. I loved that thing growing up.

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