3D HeroQuest board project

So my first real project after getting my Creality CR-6 SE, was to print the HeroQuest board from Dragon’s Rest, using the modifications from Gaming Geek.

Since I only had a single printer at the time, the entire project took a little over a month to print out. The board is fully modular and magnetized using 5mm ball magnets, so they have the ability to flip polarity as need when two pieces are put together.

All told, the project took the following materials (roughly) to complete:

  • 2400 5mm Ball magnets
  • 6 spools of eSun PLA + Grey filament
  • Untolds amount of craft paint
  • Endless hours of painting all the pieces, using said craft paint

It was a great learning first project and I’m glad i did it. I also have a copy of Dungeon Crawl by Smackwell Games that is a nice replacement for HeroQuest as it adds more Role Playing elements to the game.

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