A dream room for my 11 year-old self

Most GenX'ers can remember back to their childhood bedrooms. How they were a sanctuary for a lot of us. Filled with all the things from our love of nerd culture, our bedrooms of our youth still hold a magical place in our hearts and heads. I can still remember quite a few things from back... Continue Reading →

TPV’s 2022 Film List

This year we saw the closest return yet to pre-pandemic numbers for theaters, as two of the biggest sequels in many years, Top Gun Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water (one I've seen, the other I haven't), spurned ticket sales globally. As of this post, both films have cleared 2 billion worldwide, with Avatar... Continue Reading →

The #BGGCon 2022 wrap-up post

Another BGGCon is over, and I'm already thinking about 2023. I've been to several Cons over the years, and all of them seem to have their own personality. And while all of the events I've attended have their place, BGGCon has become the one convention that I look forward to the most. And it primarily... Continue Reading →

The Art of Letting Go

Last weekend, my wife and I visited an old high school buddy in Northwest Arkansas. The previous year we had met up for lunch and he extended an invitation if we ever wanted to come up (it's about a 3-hour drive from central Arkansas) and go tailgating with him and his "crew", we were more... Continue Reading →

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