Projects, projects and more projects

TPV has been busy with so many hobby projects as of late, hence the lack of any regular updates here. I've been going back and forth between printing out terrain for Star Wars Legion and a few other Kickstarter campaigns, I'm also painting up 3 different game miniatures. Mixed in with all of that, been... Continue Reading →

I don’t have anything clever to say

If you're one of a dozen or so people who check this blog regularly, you might have noticed that updates have been few and far between lately. The holidays being what they are, which normally takes up a large chunk of my December, had the addition of my brother's 50th birthday event the weekend before... Continue Reading →

Feywood terrain from Iain Lovecraft

So my updates here, beyond the occasional trailer release, have been lacking lately. Beyond the fact of normal life being what it is, I've been busy with printing and painting the terrain from the Feywood campaign from Iain Lovecraft. I'm still in the midst of also working on the Firwood terrain as it's being released,... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Round-Up

Here is a collection of current Kickstarter campaigns that I think are worthy of your attention. 6: Siege Hagglethorn Hollow FPS The Documentary S5E: Superheroic Roleplaying for 5th Edition War Room: A Larry Harris Game (2nd Edition) Warborn - The Rise Of Barbarian DCC Dying Earth Villagers: Shifting... Continue Reading →

I’m stuck in a rut (again)

Me, trying to climb my way out of the hobby rut I currently find myself in My pile of shame taunts me. "Why aren't you painting me?", I heard in my minds eye as I walk past my paint station. "You should be working on printing out all these 3D Kickstarters you have in queue... Continue Reading →

My favorite content creators

The lads from Shut Up & Sit Down Recently during a Discord hangout for patrons of Gaming Geek, someone asked the question about who they went to for board game reviews and playthroughs. And that got me thinking about just how many options there are these days in the realm of content creators. We are... Continue Reading →

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