I don’t have anything clever to say

If you're one of a dozen or so people who check this blog regularly, you might have noticed that updates have been few and far between lately. The holidays being what they are, which normally takes up a large chunk of my December, had the addition of my brother's 50th birthday event the weekend before... Continue Reading →

#BGGCon parting thoughts

The badge pick up line Wednesday morning It's quickly approaching 2am on Saturday night at BGGCon, and I'm here watching a game of Western Empires that has been ongoing since 10am. My brother and his buddies are committed to finishing this marathon game that has taken an entire day of the event. Ultimately, I'm glad... Continue Reading →

It’s #BGGCON week

It's finally here. The year I get to attend what is arguably the best Tabletop convention in North America, BGGCon. I still have other events to check off my list (looking at you Origins and GaryCon), but after this week, i'll finally be able to say I've attended BGGCon, in all it's glory. BGGCon has... Continue Reading →

My first con in 2 years

So I made my way last weekend to NEA GAMEFEST in Jonesboro AR for my first convention of any kind since GenCon 2019. I had eying this event since i learned about it earlier in the year. It seemed to be a smaller event, but very focused on Tabletop gaming, with a reasonable entry fee.... Continue Reading →

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