A dream room for my 11 year-old self

Most GenX'ers can remember back to their childhood bedrooms. How they were a sanctuary for a lot of us. Filled with all the things from our love of nerd culture, our bedrooms of our youth still hold a magical place in our hearts and heads. I can still remember quite a few things from back... Continue Reading →

New Eternals Trailer

We have a second look at ChloĆ© Zhao's Eternals with a new trailer. With the release date quickly approaching, there is still uncertainty as to if it will have a theatrical only run before hitting streaming. This new trailer gives us an expanded look at the team and answers the question of why didn't they... Continue Reading →

I’m stuck in a rut (again)

Me, trying to climb my way out of the hobby rut I currently find myself in My pile of shame taunts me. "Why aren't you painting me?", I heard in my minds eye as I walk past my paint station. "You should be working on printing out all these 3D Kickstarters you have in queue... Continue Reading →

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