Projects, projects and more projects

TPV has been busy with so many hobby projects as of late, hence the lack of any regular updates here. I've been going back and forth between printing out terrain for Star Wars Legion and a few other Kickstarter campaigns, I'm also painting up 3 different game miniatures. Mixed in with all of that, been... Continue Reading →

Review: Ankh Gods of Egypt

Theme The word theme in the world of Tabletop gaming can mean the difference between a title getting a second glance at the FLGS and it being passed by in lieu of other, more "desirable" games on the store shelf. The conversation around theme versus mechanics/gameplay is one I won't be having in this review... Continue Reading →

#BGGCon parting thoughts

The badge pick up line Wednesday morning It's quickly approaching 2am on Saturday night at BGGCon, and I'm here watching a game of Western Empires that has been ongoing since 10am. My brother and his buddies are committed to finishing this marathon game that has taken an entire day of the event. Ultimately, I'm glad... Continue Reading →

Initial Impressions of Tutankhamun

25th Century games update to the Reiner Knizia classic It's always a good mail day when you find a Kickstarter fulfillment game sitting on your porch. Today was no exception, as I opened my front door to find the latest from 25th Century Games to greet me. Originally released in 1993, Tutankhamen is a game... Continue Reading →

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