Everything is Invalid

So in what appears to be the never ending saga of TSR, or TSR3 or Wonderfield Inc or whatever they're calling themselves these days, the company formerly known as TSR has blessed us with a "press release" per their Discord server. In it, apparently everything that has transpired up to this point on any/all social... Continue Reading →

I’ve seen all I need to see

The "new" TSR, deciding apparently that the nuclear option was the way to go? So if you've been following the announcement of TSR making a return in the past week or so, you might have noticed a troubling trend, the fact that this newly formed company has decided that attacking any and everyone is the... Continue Reading →

TSR Returns?

What you see when you hit the TSR page In a time not so long ago we rocked TTRPG so very hard that it shook the galaxy.  It's time to start again.  Just might save the world,  role-playing games gods willing. Role-playing games were born in the Midwestern USA and have since gone on to... Continue Reading →

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