#BGGCon parting thoughts

The badge pick up line Wednesday morning It's quickly approaching 2am on Saturday night at BGGCon, and I'm here watching a game of Western Empires that has been ongoing since 10am. My brother and his buddies are committed to finishing this marathon game that has taken an entire day of the event. Ultimately, I'm glad... Continue Reading →

I’m losing my edge (maybe)!

Star Trek Ascendancy To quote James Murphy, I think I'm losing my edge. I'll be 48 in a little less than 2 months, and I've noticed a interesting trend in my board gaming. The older I get, the less I have a desire to play the bigger, sprawling, 4X style games and instead prefer smaller,... Continue Reading →

Street Fighter The Miniatures Game

So here it finally is. After almost 3 years, the Street Fighter miniatures game is finally upon us. After the much discussed delays from Jasco's Kickstarter campaign, backers now to get to see what all the fuss is about. But was it worth the wait? Is the game a good addition in the light skirmish... Continue Reading →

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